Business opportunities, such as distributorships and license agreements, are increasingly becoming an alternative to franchising for future business owners. Franchising is a fantastic option for those seeking to own their own business by way of buying into an already proven business model, but there are limitations to the franchise model, too.

Business opportunities, on the other hand, operate with fewer legal guidelines, and more often than not, require a smaller investment than a franchise.

Business opportunities are similar to franchises in that a future business owner will buy into a system and purchase products and/or services to be sold. The company selling the business opportunity will also provide some guidance but on a more limited basis compared to that of a franchise.

In many cases, those buying into a business opportunity are not licensing a business name which is a big distinction between franchises and business opportunities.

Perhaps one of the most significant differences between a franchise and a business opportunity though is the cost. The legal costs to set up a business as a franchise can be quite high. Those are figures that are reflected in the money future franchisees spend to open their business.

In addition to the lower startup costs, those who purchase a business opportunity typically won’t be charged the fees, royalties or advertising expenses commonly associated with franchising.

With flexibility in customizing your business model, marketing campaigns and brand development, business opportunities are great for those who like to innovate and create new ways to grow their own business.

If you are looking for a hands-off approach to a new business venture with low upfront costs, then here are five business opportunities that should not be overlooked in 2018.

Sure Step

Slips and falls are the number one cause of accidents in public places and the number one cause of accidental deaths for seniors, resulting in a $30 billion problem yearly for North American companies.

To help address this issue, Sure Step has developed a floor and tub treatment that embeds a sophisticated tread design into the surface of hard mineral floors and bathtubs, making them safer wet than a dry untreated floor.

As a Sure Step distributor, you’ll benefit from an unlimited market with little to no competition since every floor and every bathtub in every building and every household is a potential customer. Sure Step’s distributorship fee covers full training and support while the initial inventory provided should yield a return on investment between three and four times over the initial investment cost.

American Business Systems (ABS)

ABS was founded in 1994 and is the leader in medical billing training and support nationwide. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor, health services are ranked in the number one “super sector” for growth. Combine that with the fact people continue to visit doctors whether the economy is up or down and 80 million baby boomers will be retiring in the next few years, and the timing couldn’t be better to become an ABS licensee.

As an ABS licensee, you will receive live training, lifetime support and a 100 percent money-back guarantee. In addition, you’ll enjoy access to the most comprehensive toolbox of revenue cycle management solutions on the market including claims filing, collections, payment services, EMR, coding, automated marketing, digital records management, audit services, HIPAA compliance and more.

Concrete Technology (CTi)

CTi is an Inc. 500 product manufacturer that has been in business since 1992. The company has hundreds of distributors throughout the United States along with representation in 22 foreign countries. CTi was featured as a Deloitte and Touche Technology 500 company and as a Tampa Bay Fast 50 Company.

As a CTi distributor, you’ll receive an outstanding combination of initial training on CTi’s main product lines along with ongoing training via videos, the internet, distributor meetings and other venues. CTi’s training, combined with a home-based business setup, provides distributors with a high margin, low overhead, easy to run business.


Founded in 1993, ClaimTek is the leading medical and dental billing company in the industry with expertise in billing, software development and business development. As hiring, managing and compensating employees has become increasingly challenging for small businesses, the need for outsourced health care billing and revenue cycle management services is growing exponentially.

ClaimTek offers distributors a flexible schedule with the ability to work from home, an office or while traveling. They also customize each distributor’s one-on-one training and business development plans based on his or her needs. And since medical and dental billing is already a lucrative industry, there is huge income potential with ClaimTek’s low-overhead business model and access to more than 12 revenue streams.

Blue Coast Savings

For 17 years, Blue Coast Savings has been leading the industry in the cost savings space and pioneering services, technology, processes and marketing to help businesses increase their profits. In 2017, Inc. magazine added Blue Coast to its Inc. 5000 list and named Blue Coast as one of the Fastest-Growing Companies in America.

As a Blue Coast Savings consultant, you will have the benefit of being able to work from home part-time but realize full-time results. You’ll be able to build relationships providing clients with the largest portfolio of cost-cutting business-to-business savings services available. And with low overhead, you’ll be able to realize high profits, which are a key to success.

A business opportunity is a great option if you are the type of entrepreneur who wants to invest money and time into running a business with more flexibility than a franchise has to offer. You can become your own boss with little upfront costs or ongoing financial obligation and, ultimately, control your own future success.

Eric Bell
Eric Bell has 15 years of franchise industry experience and currently serves as General Manager of Franchise Gator. He began his career in 2002 as a Hollywood Tans franchisee in Atlanta where he also served as area manager and helped develop the Atlanta territory. In October 2005, Eric joined Franchise Gator as a sales representative and went on to hold several positions including sales representative, sales manager, and director of sales and service. Eric is a member of the Southeast Franchise Forum and is a Certified Franchise Executive. He resides in Georgia with his wife and their two children. Follow @franchisegator on Twitter and Facebook.