In order to make your business flourish, you must adapt to the latest technology. However, even with the infinite benefits of the internet, there is always the risk of security. Approximately every year due to cyber-attacks, the world’s economy faces a loss of almost $445 billion. As SMBs generally use cloud technology, they are more prone to cyber-attacks because their online security arrangements are not as strong.

Here are some essential tips that you can easily follow to make your SMB fully secure:

1. Train your employees

The workforce is the primary asset of any organization. To make your business fully secure you must get your employees trained. Employees are the weakest target through which any kind of security breach can occur. Many employees are unaware of the latest on-going phishing frauds and this makes them vulnerable to cyber-attacks, because the hackers know these weaknesses.

Another major issue is that many employees use their personal devices for doing official work and usually these devices are not secure enough. One way of ensuring your employees’ cell phone safety is by installing a monitoring app like Mobicip on their devices. In most countries, including the U.S., you must obtain permission from the owner of the phone to install any tracking software on a personal device, although that’s not necessary for a company-owned device. You should, however, notify employees if you have installed monitoring software on a company-issued device.

2. Establish a security management strategy

The prime focus of every SMB should be on security management. Everyone is aware that cyber-attacks are a result of organized strategic targeting. As per the UN report on cybercrime, almost 70-80% of cyber-attacks are conducted by professional crime rings, which are highly organized and widely share data, expertise, and tools.

Therefore, it is wise to work out an integrated defense strategy beforehand that will help you in case of any such attempts.

3. Secure your network by installing firewalls

A great way of securing your SMB is by protecting your work network, which you can easily do by installing a proper firewall. A firewall will act as your primary defense whenever anyone tries to hack into your system. It will not only protect your network from malware but it will keep the hackers out of your network.

4. Creating a separate payment terminal

You can safeguard your SMB’s finances in this very efficient way. You should use a separate terminal network for your payments. By doing this you can effectively decrease the risk of a potential cyber-attack. When your payment terminal is on a separate network, only a few authorized individuals will have access to it and the chances of any cyber-attacks have reduced.

5. Change your credentials on usernames and passwords often

It is always a good idea to change your network essentials often. To ensure the safety of your SMB network it is important that you keep changing your usernames and passwords every month or two. This will help in keeping the hackers away. You can even change them more frequently if you want but you have to make sure that you change them at least every 90 days.