Why Choose a Franchise Business?

Owning your own business is part of the American Dream. For decades now, choosing a franchise business has been just as likely an option for Americans who want to work for themselves as starting an independent business.

The Role of an Exit Plan as a Franchisee

Going through the purchasing phase of a franchise spikes the adrenaline and fills your mind with endless optimism. That’s great! You should be energized...

Why Mobile Matters to Your Franchise

Franchises are in a unique position in the market. Your franchise feels like a corporation because there is a large corporate entity backing the...

The One Question You Must Ask a Franchisor

There are plenty of questions you should ask before you decide on a franchise business. But there's one that would-be franchisees often fail to ask—and yet it can be one of the most informative.

How to Develop a Marketing Plan for Your Franchise

At the fresh start of a year, it’s only natural that you’d start thinking about your franchise’s marketing for the next 12 months. How...

SEO and SEM for Franchise Owners

While some of your franchise’s marketing will be dictated and provided by your franchisor, it’s a good idea to still educate yourself on aspects...

Top 5 Business Opportunities Entrepreneurs Should Not Overlook

Business opportunities, such as distributorships and license agreements, are increasingly becoming an alternative to franchising for future business owners. Franchising is a fantastic option...

KPIs for Franchises

Before you invest in a franchise, you do plenty of research, looking at the financial health and performance of the corporation and of individual franchises. How will you measure the health and performance of your own franchise business?

How to Evaluate a Franchise Training Program

We no longer live in a one-career society. In my grandfather’s day, a person often had the same job his whole life. My father had two. I've already made four major career changes and have over 20 years left in the workforce.

The Top 6 Things That Might Kill Your Franchise

FranNet presents the top six things that will kill your franchise. It's a helpful primer of what not to do once you've signed your franchise agreement, had the grand opening and begun on your entrepreneurial path.

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