Building a Fan Base for Your Franchise Business

During your franchise search, you've probably seen photos of long lines at grand openings and stories of people driving from far away when a new franchise location opened just to get a taste of their products.

5 Things to Look for in a Franchisor

Picking a franchise to invest in is a big decision, and one that often requires a lot of soul searching. Beyond the financial investment that these businesses require, there are many personal sacrifices and a certain level of risk that is involved in becoming your own boss.

What Franchise Expenses Are Tax Deductible?

It’s everybody’s favorite time of year: tax time! In reality, nobody loves tax season. It’s a head-scratching time of year, and entrepreneurs and franchise...

A Family Business? Every Business Should Be

While plenty of empirical evidence can be found to delineate both advantages and disadvantages to working with family, we're here today to focus on the key benefits of obtaining that all important "buy-in" from your significant other.

Why Your Next Business Venture Should Be a Franchise

There are drawbacks and negatives and the level of risk is still in existence, however if the franchisee and franchisor fit in terms of financial goals, style and values it can be a fantastic partnership.

Is a Home-Based Franchise Right for Your Work Style?

You know what sounds appealing? Wearing pajama pants to the office and sleeping in until noon. That’s what it’s like to work for yourself,...

What Advertising Structure Makes Sense for Your Franchise?

There are many aspects of franchising that factor into the overall success. Creating the FDD, recruiting franchisees, and developing proprietary products typically take the...

Franchises and Business Opportunities

We're all familiar with comparing the similarities and differences between two things, but unless you're a business aficionado you may not be familiar with franchises versus business opportunities.

Hottest Trends in Franchising

What are the hottest trends in franchising? Think of franchising as a funnel, and let's look at the trends with the broadest application first and move down toward the narrowest trends.

Organizing Your Franchise Business Search

Some franchise investors have one franchise opportunity in mind from the beginning, but for many people, deciding on the perfect franchise business is a...

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