Using an EB-5 or E-2 Visa to Establish a Business in the U.S.

In this week's blog edition, FranNet tackles a subject that has been in the news quite a bit lately. The focus? How can you invest or own a franchise if you are not a U.S. citizen?

5 Things a Franchisor Looks for in a Franchisee

While in the franchise-buying process, it is imperative that you do your due diligence to ensure that the franchise you choose is a good...

Avoiding Joint Employer Issues When Owning a Franchise

What is a Joint Employer Issue? A joint employer issue can happen when one company may end up supervising what at first glance could appear...

How Does That Franchise Handle Upgrades?

Some franchisees find themselves in this happy position—and then the franchise "upgrades." In other words, they make changes across the brand, and franchisees have to go along with those changes.

6 Keys to Determining if Your Business Can Be Franchised

If you've gotten to the point of exploring franchising your business, let's take a moment and celebrate your success. You've worked hard to develop...

How to Read the FDD’s Financial Performance Representations

Let’s be frank for a moment. The Financial Performance Representations, item #19 in the FDD, carry serious weight in determining if you purchase a...

Putting Your Best Foot Forward: How to Impress and Court a Franchise Company

In any business venture between two parties, both parties are interviewing and evaluating each other. There is no difference in a franchise/franchisee relationship. For the franchise company to be successful and therefore a good investment for potential franchisees, a fair amount of vetting must be done not only by the potential franchisee, but by the franchisor.

Should You Hire a Freelancer to Market a Franchise?

We’re living in a freelancer economy, according to Forbes. Should you hire a freelancer to market a franchise? The answer isn’t always clear. With 2016...

Is a Retail Franchise for You?

Retail franchise opportunities abound, but this is a challenging time to be a retailer. Big Box chains have taken over much of the retail space, e-commerce is increasingly threatening brick and mortar stores, and consumers are more demanding than ever.

Keep Up Your Franchise with Exciting New Technology

My first job back in high school was as a “sandwich artist” at a local Quiznos franchise. Like most enterprises back in the ‘00s,...

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