How to Be a Perfect Franchisor

Most articles concerning franchising concentrate on the benefits of buying a franchise and what a franchisor should look for in the perfect franchisee. Very few, if any, flip the coin over to look at the other side that asks the following question: What makes a perfect franchisor?

5 Franchising Myths (and the Real Truth of Franchising)

Make one mention that you’re interested in starting a franchise and chances are, you’ll be hit with a tsunami of advice. Many times, this...

Tweeting Your Franchise to Prominence

The phenomenon of social media continues to creep into our daily lives. Whether you're looking at a business advertisement, a television show or your favorite website, the social media widget is omniscient.

How Much Marketing Do You Need to Do for Your Franchise?

Many franchisees falsely assume that their franchisors will handle all the marketing for them. While yes, franchisors do provide some elements of marketing—typically promotions...

Are Public Figures an Asset to Your Franchise?

We’ve all taken note when a celebrity comes to the stage for a product. How could you forget the iconic Air Jordans that dominated...

Franchising and Digital Marketing

A new report on digital marketing among franchises has one major conclusion: only a few franchises are actually making good use of the potential...

How to Ensure a Good Fit for You in a Franchise

While inquiring about how to ensure a good fit for each candidate might seem like an obvious FranNet consideration, there is a clear cut reason why some franchisees fail to achieve real success in the world of entrepreneurship.

Choosing a Franchise: Executive or Technician?

The American Dream—owning your own business—is the source of plenty of great stories. One is the story of the technician: the lady who makes such great cupcakes that all her friends encourage her to open a bakery. The alternative is the executive style franchise.

Who Has the Power in the Franchise Relationship?

So many relationships start off well. Each party in the relationship thinks about the other and tries to please. Minor differences are overlooked and the focus is on happy times and the great things about the relationship.

Hottest Trends in Franchising

What are the hottest trends in franchising? Think of franchising as a funnel, and let's look at the trends with the broadest application first and move down toward the narrowest trends.

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