Buying Multi-Units in a Franchise: What You Need to Know

As you prepare to close the deal on your first franchise, you will be offered a one-time opportunity for purchasing additional units. This is...

How Franchises Use Habits

The Power of Habit, by Charles Duhigg, reports on recent research on habits in humans. It turns out that the basal ganglia, a primitive part of the brain, controls habitual behavior.

How to Do Your Own Franchise Research Before Buying

When buying a franchise, you want to be absolutely sure that the brand you buy into is the right fit for you. Sure, a franchisor...

Innovative Internet Franchises

In the ever-changing environment of the internet, an online franchisor will only stay ahead of the competition if they are continually improving and innovating.

KPIs for Franchises

Before you invest in a franchise, you do plenty of research, looking at the financial health and performance of the corporation and of individual franchises. How will you measure the health and performance of your own franchise business?

Understanding a Franchise’s Mission

What is the goal of the franchise you're considering? Some franchises share their mission statement publicly—but that might not mean that you know what their goal is.

Is It Possible to Own a Franchise After Years in the Workforce?

In a word, yes! However, you’re the only one who can convince your stubborn, scared self that it’s possible. Spending years in corporate America or...

Franchising and Digital Marketing

A new report on digital marketing among franchises has one major conclusion: only a few franchises are actually making good use of the potential...

The Best Franchises to Invest in Right Now

The core appeal of franchising, most would-be franchisees would agree, is that it remains a proven and substantive business formula for the distribution of products and services.

5 of the Best Home-Based Franchise Opportunities to Consider

Nothing beats working from the comfort of your home for many people. Zero commute, the ability to work in your PJs, and saving on...

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