Apple Anoints NFC Mobile Payments: Now People Will Finally Use It

Taking a spin through the roster of partnerships announced in the US alone, it's clear Apple is going all in on Apple Pay. Where Google struggled to ink deals with major banks and card carriers, Apple has secured agreements with the big three credit cards.

Virtual Currencies: The Future of Payments

When was the last time you had cash in your wallet? If you're like most people, the answer is you can't even remember having more than a negligible amount in there at any given time.

3 Things to Know Before Signing Up with a Merchant Card Processor

Looking to quickly grow your business and accelerate your cash flow? The solution is simple: accept credit card payments. To do so, you must first open a merchant account and sign up with a merchant card processor to process electronic payments and distribute them to the appropriate account.

6 Best Practices in Billings and Collections

One area where most small-business owners can improve their cash flow is in billings and collections. A thorough credit check before you offer payment...

Reasons to Offer Gift Cards This Holiday Season

Gift cards are extremely popular at large, corporately-owned, big-box stores. But if you proudly own a local small business, there is absolutely no reason you shouldn't explore the possibility of offering gift cards to customers this holiday shopping season. Here's why:

Improve Your Customer Service to Prevent Chargebacks

A smart merchant will accept a chargeback as what it is: a learning opportunity. It is a chance to evaluate and enhance your customer service.

How to Make an International Wire Transfer

A Wire Transfer, also known as a Credit Transfer, is a type of electronic fund transfer from one individual or business to another. It...

9 Essential Policies to Improve Your Internal Collections

As a commercial collection law group, we are always asked by small business owners about the best practices for internal collection efforts. Here are...

4 Critical Financial Activities for Business Survival and Growth

Every business has four areas that owners and managers must control to profitably survive and grow. Make sure you are tracking them and taking action when they are not trending the right way.

What to do When the Payment is Overdue?

You're a small business owner, not a collection agency. You're probably not all that good at or fond of dunning customers who don't pay their bills on time. Unfortunately it's a real problem and that reality should motivate you to become an expert in keeping your cash flowing in a timely manner.

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