The Real Costs of Accepting Credit Cards

While accepting credit cards helps your business bring in more revenue, it does come with a cost. Don't be shocked to find out after you start working with a merchant card processor that there are hidden fees.

Avoiding Charge-Backs

A charge-back is a credit card processed sales transaction that occurs when your customer disputes the transaction or when you fail to follow proper credit card acceptance and authorization procedures. The result of a charge-back is a reversal of the transaction, the withdrawal of funds from your merchant account and a deposit of the funds back into your customer's account.

4 Surefire Tips to Get Clients to Pay Faster

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Chargebacks: Don’t Let Technology Hurt Your Business

Usually within just a few shorts months of entering the business world, most owners are confronted with a chargeback. If they didn't know what a chargeback was before, they quickly come to loath these financial nightmares.

How to Collect Your Overdue Debts

You didn't start your small business to be a bill collector, so none of this is anything you want to do. However, sometimes it becomes necessary. Don't shrink from your financial responsibility to your business.

Digital Payment Processing: What You Need to Know

Take a look at any research released around the world these days on consumer preferences. When it comes to payments, you’ll see that debit and...

7 Things to Consider When Evaluating AP Automation Solutions

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7 Financial Facts Every Entrepreneur Should Know

You don’t have to be CPA or MBA to start or run a business. You don’t have to understand debits and credits, or be...

The Future of Contactless Payments for Businesses and Consumers

During the last few years, the way we pay for everyday products has changed dramatically. After saying goodbye to the signature, the era of...

Freelancers: Update Your Invoices to Look More Professional

One of the biggest challenges you’re facing as a freelancer is managing your own admin. There’s no HR department that does the dirty work...

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