The Future of Contactless Payments for Businesses and Consumers

During the last few years, the way we pay for everyday products has changed dramatically. After saying goodbye to the signature, the era of...

Understanding Alternatives to Typical Credit Card Merchants

Most of us have heard of eBay's PayPal, but that was just the tip of the iceberg. Consider the trajectory of the corded phone attached to the wall to Bluetooth technology. The way we take credit cards online is traveling through the same kind of historical shift in a comparable way.

Why Aren’t You Accepting Mobile Payments?

Just a few years ago, accepting mobile payments was a novelty that only a select few businesses provided to their customers. Today, businesses have a variety of mobile payment providers to choose from, making it an affordable and simple solution to implement in a changing marketplace.

Almost 70% of Smartphone Users Expect to Use Mobile Pay in 2017

Digital trends publications have predicted that 6.1 billion people will be using smartphones by 2020, which is more than two thirds of the world’s...

Improve Your Customer Service to Prevent Chargebacks

A smart merchant will accept a chargeback as what it is: a learning opportunity. It is a chance to evaluate and enhance your customer service.

How to Collect Your Overdue Debts

You didn't start your small business to be a bill collector, so none of this is anything you want to do. However, sometimes it becomes necessary. Don't shrink from your financial responsibility to your business.

Go Where the Money Is: Be Ready for Universal Payments

There's no doubt that your business should be diving into the world of universal payments. I want to take a little step back this time out and look at the broader issue of "universal payments," which for my purposes will be mobile card readers and mobile wallets.

Crypto Currency: The Newest Investment Tool for Your Business

By now you probably already know that crypto currency is a form of online money. However, there is a major difference between regular currency...

7 Things to Consider When Evaluating AP Automation Solutions

So, you are ready to evaluate accounts payable solutions and decide the right fit for your business. It is you who has to determine...

Include Mobile Payments in Your Marketing Strategy

Though incorporating mobile payments into your business model can help you lower costs associated with point-of-sale hardware and improve operational efficiency, they also provide...

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