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How to Beat the Demand for Longer Blog Content

If your business or organization has a blog, then you’ll want to know what your readers want: LONGER CONTENT! The annual Orbit Media Studios survey of 1055 bloggers...

Are You Delivering Your Desired Brand Experiences?

One of the key indicators of branding success is how customers experience your brand. If their brand experiences don’t match your brand promises, the disconnect can truly...

7 Important Customer-Related Definitions You Should Know

If your organization has customers, then it’s important for you and your team to know and understand the most commonly used and important customer-related...

Want Powerful Leads? Do Better Homework!

How many times have you approached prospective customers only to see those leads tank? Well, there are good reasons that happens. Where did you get...

How to Add Inspiration and Aspiration to Your Brand, Part 2

In keeping with “How to Add Inspiration and Aspiration to Your Brand – Part 1,” today’s post (Part 2) focuses on the second important...

How to Encourage Open Internal Communication for a Successful Brand

Are your business or nonprofit organization employees or co-workers openly communicating? If not, it has a big problem. How can they ‘live the brand’ internally...

Engage and Honor Employees for a Happy and Trustworthy Brand –...

Last week in Part 1, we looked at how unhappy employees can affect your brand. Every employee touchpoint conveys your brand to customers. So, how do you create internal customer (employee) centrism?

Engage and Honor Employees for a Happy and Trustworthy Brand

Whether you work for a small business or nonprofit organization, its brand determines its success. Every touchpoint conveys the brand to customers. And, who's in charge of touchpoints? Employees!

Majority of Small Business Owners Say They Lack Marketing Skills

A recent University of Phoenix study of small business owners across the US "enjoy what they do and are glad they did it, even with the challenges that go along."

3 Dumb Things You Should Never Say to a Complaining Customer

Let's be honest. It's tough to hold yourself together when a customer is upset and complaining. There's a natural tendency to get defensive and say things on the spur of the moment.