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Top Mobile Apps to Help You Stay Organized

By: Bev Sninchak


As a small business owner, you have to wear many hats and juggle plenty of tasks throughout your work week. It can seem overwhelming, and you might wonder how you can stay more organized and maintain your productivity

Mobile apps are a popular choice because they are a boon to small businesses due to their affordability. You can access these apps anywhere, whether you’re in the office or at the airport preparing to board your next flight. 
Here are some top mobile apps that will help you become more efficient and on top of things while running your business.
Marketing is an integral element of any small business. With the Glyder app, you can launch marketing campaigns even while you’re on the go or out of the office. You can compose a unique message that includes your photo or select a target vehicle for your marketing push, whether it is a discount coupon or a limited time daily deal for your customers. Then you simply choose the channel for delivery, whether it’s through email, text message, Twitter, Facebook, or other means. 
Like a gutter helmet that keeps debris from a home’s gutter, Evernote helps you remember the important things while keeping lower-end priorities from cluttering up your headspace. One of the most popular apps out there, Evernote assists in helping you remember ideas and important data by keeping notes, images, and even audio recordings all in one place. You can tag all of this information easily, so locating it later is a snap. Even better, Evernote is accessible not just on mobile devices, but on tablets and desktops or laptops as well. 
Keeping track of expenses can be a chore, but with the Expensify app, you can easily manage and keep track of everything. Managing your receipts is as easy as scanning and uploading for later reference. Once you have your expense report completed, simply click to send and you’re done. You can also export your expenses right from your credit cards as well. Even better, the app is free and doesn’t require a credit card, so you can try it out right now. 
With FormMobi, you have a portable clipboard with you at all times. Select the right form for your needs or design one of your own. You can also capture photos or audio. Whatever data you need to capture, FormMobi is up to the task, and there is no internet connection required. Once you have gathered the data you need, you can decide to upload it to the cloud or send it via email to a colleague or client. 
After a free trial, if you decide to keep FormMobi, you’ll pay only $9.99 per month. Given the perks of this app, you can’t get a much more affordable tool to help you and your team get and stay more efficient as you wrangle and manage your forms and data. 
While there are countless mobile apps small business owners will find helpful, the above-listed apps are some of the most popular out there right now. Determine what areas you need to improve upon in your business in order to enhance your day-to-day efficiency, then download one or more of these apps to get started. You’ll not only save time, but possibly money as well. 
Published: November 1, 2013

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