Businesses who enjoy keeping up with the latest trends and fascinations will already know that mobile technology is going to be a massive hit in 2013. Over recent years, we have seen mobile technology and processes slowly creeping into businesses, changing the way in which we communicate with one another.

These wireless, speedy, and handy devices are even beginning to shape the way in which supply chain management works. However, many organizations are still left using basic technology and equipment to run their business, not knowing the many benefits that could be facing using up to date mobile technology.
Mobiles Run the World
Can you try and imagine the world without mobile access? The answer to that question is probably no. However not too long ago the world did not have access to mobiles like we do now; it was only 10-15 short years ago that mobile phones first began to get popular, and now people cannot live without them.
Over the last decade, the capabilities of mobile phones have massively improved. Even the most basic of phones now have GPS functionality, text messaging, application functionality, and camera and video functions—meaning it is possible for anyone to stay connected via mobile phones.
Mobile Apps
The use of mobile apps for supply chain management may have not yet taken over the world, but in a few short years we expect to see a majority of big logistics companies taking charge and focusing on mobile real time.
Several apps have already been created for the supply chain management sector, allowing employees to keep up to date with real time supply management. The applications developed allow users to know a myriad of information such as: capture and retrieval, dispatching, driver and route progress tracking, location and event reporting.
This type of technology allows for two way communication between drivers and headquarters, as office based employers will know of the driver’s status, location, and the route ahead. By knowing this information, customers can then be informed of any likely delays, improving customer communications.
Using such technology is possible for both small and big companies as device costs are affordable for businesses of all sizes.
Customer Communication
By implementing mobile technology use in the business side of supply chain management will allow for better communication to customers.
Almost everyone has access to a mobile phone, so by arranging your business around your customers’ needs you will be improving the relationships you create with your customers.
The Future of Mobile Supply Chain
Many managers in the supply chain management sector are currently left wondering how close or far away we are from real time supply chain management. The answer to this is not far at all. Smart phones are becoming more affordable to businesses and customers, meaning there is no reason to why they shouldn’t be used as a center to business communications.
To begin centering your attentions around such technology should start by communications between partners and employees in the business; this way managers will have a better idea of what employees and customers want, making implementing new technologies much easier.