OKR Implementation: Fostering a Culture of Achievement

a coffee, a pen, and a napkin with the words "If your plan doesn't work, change the plan not the goal"

Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) provide a simple yet powerful framework for setting challenging, measurable goals that align effort across an organization. When done correctly, OKR implementation can motivate employees and focus teams on the outputs that truly move the needle for the business. However, even the best ideas fall flat without thoughtful execution tailored…

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4 Strategies For Preserving Objectivity In Your Firm

A sense of truth is vital for businesses. Though marketing language can often paint a grandiose image of a company, all activities behind the scenes should be anchored to a firm sense of reality. Still, entrepreneurs can get carried away by constantly viewing their enterprise through rose-tinted glasses. Many parts of the business can stagnate…

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Here’s How You Can Achieve More by Focusing on Less


One of the hardest things you do in business is to knowingly, willingly and sometimes begrudgingly put down opportunities. However, when you do, something that feels magical happens. You get clarity on the goals you need to focus on as a company, as teams and workgroups. Clarity matters because it makes days more straightforward. It…

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