Choosing Between an LLC vs. S-Corp – Pros and Cons

pros and cons of LLC

Starting a business comes with many tasks to handle and many decisions to make. In the early stages, one of those decisions is the type of business entity to form. You’ve probably heard of the most popular, but you’ll still have choose between an LLC vs. S-Corp, both of which have pros and cons. Here…

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Thinking of Forming an LLC? 4 Big Benefits

a team of entrepreneurs forming a business

If you’re starting a business and considering forming an LLC (limited liability company), you should know that you’ll be in good company. Many well-known companies are structured as LLCs because of the benefits they offer. Here we’ll discuss those benefits and surprise you with some well-known LLCs. Benefits of forming an LLC Personal Liability Protection…

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After LLC Formation, What’s the Next Step?

After you form a limited liability company, the first thing you should do is draft an operating agreement. And if you’ve already formed a limited liability company or you’ve already formed any kind of entity, you want to draft the equivalent of an operating agreement, as an internal document among co-owners.
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Retirement Plans for the Small Business Owner: The SIMPLE Plan

Since there are so many people setting up individual LLC’s or home based side businesses, you need to keep a close eye out this time of year for setting up one kind of retirement plan, a SIMPLE IRA. The deadlines are just around the corner in the next few weeks, so could this be the right type of retirement plan for you?
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