Don’t Drive Your Customers Away!

a man being chased away

I, and so many others, write constantly about how buying is changing and how sellers (sales and marketing) must change to respond to these changes. But how often do we write about how not to drive your customers away? We read about how email is failing, phone calls, social, and virtually every other engagement platform.…

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You Should Be Selling The Way You Buy

I recently had a great text conversation with an outstanding sales manager. The time zones worked out–it was evening his time, so he had the time to be a little philosophical, it was morning my time, I was desperate to find something to write about. We were talking about general approaches to engaging customers more…

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Customer Stuck? Not Moving Forward?

It’s a common lament among sales people: “I’m trying to close the customer, I can’t get them to move forward! They’re dragging their feet, they just won’t order!” Last week, with several clients, I was doing pipeline reviews. Too many sales people were saying this, slipping their forecasts, slipping their target close dates another month (one becomes…

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