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Best Smart Apps for Successful Small Business Owners

By: Naomi Hodges


Best Smart Apps for Successful Small Business Owners

Running a business can be hectic. Using technology can be useful and assist in day-to-day operations. The first step in integrating technology the right way is in knowing which apps work best in helping accomplish what needs to be done. Here is a quick list of some that helps make tasks a little bit easier:

Accounting Apps

No business runs well on the fly. Making sure the books are in order is one of the biggest hurdles most business owners face. Here are a few apps that can help in this area:


QuickBooks is one of the most widely used accounting programs in every industry. With their seamless integration from desktop and online to the app, business owners can run the entire business from the cloud. It makes accounting, billing and payments a lot easier while constantly on the go.


FreshBooks is a cloud-based accounting app that handles the major accounting functions and more. Send invoices and get paid online, record expense receipts, track billable time and more. It is a standalone that is popular among small business owners who have a specific accounting budget.

Receipts by Wave

This app helps keep track of and categorize all receipts with a few clicks.

Communication Apps

Building and keeping internal and external relationships is key for a business.

Properly managing cybersecurity is very important, as stated in this article by Goddy Ray. To some extent some companies would even secure their online assets by getting an online insurance. Did you know that just year around 80% of companies experience cyberattacks? This source talks about how you can insure your online business assets.

These apps help bridge the gaps and keep things all together:


Slack allows team communication in one place to increase productivity and keep everyone on the same page. Users can navigate messages, files and services all in one place.


The Burner app creates a vanity number people use so business owners can keep their personal number private. This app allows the sending and receiving of pictures, texts and calls as if it were the main number.


If video calls with clients or the team are necessary, Skype helps accomplish this with free video calls, voice calls and messaging, along with the ability to send photos and video messages through the app.


Somewhat like Skype, this app was built specifically for business owners. With this app, everyone can group chat with internal and external teams, or 1-1 chat to enhance communication across the board.


This app provides audio conferencing, screen sharing and mobile whiteboards to host meetings, present documents and share with the team. It’s a great way to conduct meetings and share information while on the go.


Business owners who need to conduct team conferences or host workshops may enjoy Fuze. Anyone can attend the meetings for free, along with the ability to host multiparty conferences in HD with up to 12 video feeds.


This is another app that allows remote hosting of meetings.

Facebook Pages Manager

If there are multiple business pages that need monitoring and engagement, the Facebook Pages Manager makes it easy for administrators to keep up with all the activity. Users can access and reply to messages, comment, post photos and updates, and view insights.

Documents Apps

Business goes on whether in or out of the office. These apps make handling documents easier:


With SignEasy, legal signatures can be added while on the go, while forms can also be filled out from a smartphone or mobile device in a matter of minutes.


DocuSign is another great app that provides a safe and secure way to legally and electronically sign documents and collect signatures from other parties.


Do business partners need to scan a document and don’t have a scanner? Scanner Pro takes all the hassle out of this procedure by turning devices into a portable scanner. This app removes shadows, makes scans sharper and corrects the perspective for crisp and clean documents.


Dropbox helps people take their files and access from anywhere. Users can share and store photos, documents, videos and other files and share with others with a link.

Google Drive

Take files, photos, videos and more into the cloud and access from anywhere and share with others using a link to keep everyone on the same page.

Microsoft Word

On the go but need to draft a document or finish a presentation? This app provides that ability, and instant access to the other elements of Microsoft with Office 365.

Marketing Apps

Whether a one man show or an entire team, being able to handle marketing functions from anywhere makes things a lot easier:


Keep in touch with subscribers, find out who joined the mailing list, manage existing lists, create and schedule a campaign and more with this app. Users can go from desktop to app and not miss a beat.


Manage all the business’s social media from one place. This app allows scheduling for Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and Pinterest from one place. Users will be able to see and manage all your conversations from this platform.


Canva allows users to create beautiful designs for almost anything right from a mobile device. This photo editing software adjusts the contrast, tint, blur and more. Users can create social media documents, resumes, eBooks and more.


Making sure the ad campaigns are doing what they are supposed to makes all the difference in the world. Users can view ad performance from anywhere, alerting the team if there needs to be a change. It can work simultaneously with the desktop account.

Functionality Apps


This app helps business owners track packages to ensure they don’t miss one that needs to be delivered, or is being delivered. It supports UPS, FedEx, USPS, DHL, Amazon, and more.


For those business owners who are always on the road, Waze helps navigate their route to avoid being late. It helps save time and money with real-time information.

TapeACall Pro

This app allows users to record incoming and outgoing phone calls for an unlimited amount of time. The calls can then be downloaded to the computer or uploaded to Dropbox.


Weave helps connect job seekers with local businesses and entrepreneurs to create and grow their professional network.

Square Register

This app allows business owners take payments from anywhere, tracking sales and inventory in real time, manage employees and monitor the analytics.

These apps will help make things easier for business owners. The most important thing to remember, even on mobile devices, is to utilize an antivirus software and follow security protocols to ensure sensitive data is protected.

Published: February 22, 2019

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