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Top Regulated Brokers for Your Forex Trading

By: Paul Medea


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Currency trading is not easy, especially if you are new to it. That’s why various brokers are ready to give their services as advisory agents. Even if you are a pro at trading, you should talk to a broker who can guide you through the intricacies.

A brokerage service helps meet your investing goals, learning style, and educational needs. If you are investing online, you can consult a guide like forexbrokerlisting.com for names and services to contact. We have compiled a list of the top ten regulated brokers outside the US who can do these tasks.

Who are regulated brokers?

Regulated brokers work with the local financial body in their country. They have a legal license to work and comply with the rules set down by that financial institution. Since they are registered, these brokers are listed, and the names usually appear on the documents.

Top regulated brokers:

The forex market is massive, and billions of dollars are in regulation daily. Hence, it’s wise to keep in touch with a regulated broker.

  1. The XTB has five members and works with the UK, European, and international forex agencies. It is authorized by the Polish financial authority and covers the global market.
  2. The BDSwiss was founded in 2012 and offers services in the EU states. With that, it provides security to clients’ funds which are separate from company funds and provides a negative balance protection policy.
  3. The IC market works for the Australian Securities and Investment Commission and Seychelles financial services authority. It merges with banking, auditing, and insurance transparencies. It is globally recognized and holds high credentials.
  4. The FXPro is an extensive regulated forex domain and works to secure clients’ finances.
  5. The Australian Securities and Investment Commission authorizes the FP market. Here the brokers take care of the liquefaction process and account audits.
  6. The Swissquote is the most famous of all. They also provide segregation of clients’ funds, which adds higher security to each investment. Moreover, they also try to prevent bankruptcy.
  7. Plus 500 has different brokers who collaborate to work together from all over the world. They protect investors’ funds, providing surety to invest more.
  8. Pacific Financial Derivatives works with New Zealand authorities. They work for segregated accounts and financial dispute resolution. However, they do not provide negative balance protection.
  9. The last is OctaFX which is emerging rapidly among investors. It is internationally reconciled and is easy to operate with the help of brokers.


Various brokers work day and night for the benefit of their investors. If you’re thinking of entering the forex arena, consider connecting to regulated legal brokers, such as though listed at forexbrokerlisting.com.

Published: December 20, 2021

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