When ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) systems were first introduced, only large businesses could really take advantage of the benefits they could bring because they were the only ones that could afford to buy and run them. However, with the lowering of costs and the abundance of useful features these days, businesses of all sizes stand to benefit from ERP.

Modern ERP software is designed to integrate various aspects of your business, including finance, inventory, procurement, production, supply chain, CRM and many other systems. This is a bold new era for ERP, opening up so many new possibilities for smaller and medium-sized businesses.

Automated Efficiency

For small and medium-sized businesses, it is essential that you are as efficient as possible. Every single aspect of your business where you can cut costs you should aim to and ERP will help you do this. Employees can spend so much time doing annoying admin tasks that would be far better automated by your ERP software.

For example, you might have several different spreadsheets for various departments that all require the information to be manually fed into the central database. An ERP system would ensure that your employees only need to enter this data once, giving them more time to do other tasks.

Integration Across All Systems

The better integrated your systems are, the smoother your business will run. For example, with an ERP system, the sales system and the inventory system are fully integrated, so you can check if the product being bought is in stock and where it is being stored.

This integration speeds up the process for the customers and reduces the chance of human error to leave the customer more satisfied with the experience they have with your company. ERP software with an integral CRM system means that information specific to certain customers can be stored and easily accessible by sales and customer service staff.

Improved Strategizing

Accurate forecasting is essential to all businesses, no matter their size. You have to prepare for and adapt to the future before it happens. In-depth data from all of your departments lets you see where improvements can be made in the future and where you should concentrate your efforts to make the most of the next several months and years.

Robust ERP software will allow you to create useful reports for data analysis and strategy meetings between senior staff. Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are instantly accessible, giving you important insights at a glance.

More Productive Employees

Alongside the automation to give employees more time to do other things, ERP software also improves the productivity of employees with the tasks they are doing. Robust and flexible scheduling systems allow your employees to plan their time better.

Cloud-Based Systems

The hosting of these systems in the cloud mean that small businesses do not have to spend as much upfront to get access to a high-quality ERP system. An on-premises ERP system requires powerful hardware and lots of storage space in order to run effectively. A Cloud-based solution means that you do not need to buy expensive hardware or spend as much on power, which is important for small and medium-sized businesses.


With the reduction in prices in recent years, ERP software is now available for businesses of all kinds, not just large ones, and the benefits cannot be ignored. A quality ERP software suite could see your business improving in various areas, including your workflow, productivity and efficiency. In competition, you should take any advantage you can get and ERP systems are a great way of going about this.