Do You Make Receivables Harder to Collect?

I frequently see situations where our clients make it harder to collect their receivables. Here are six of the more common issues.

Cash Flow Management Tips

Did you know that you could be showing a profit and still be going bankrupt? It's true. The definition of bankruptcy is running out of cash. Why are profits and cash flow often very different at a point in time? Here are five common reasons and what you can do about them.

How to Use Your Invoices to Finance Your Growing Business

One of the challenges of working in the B2B space is that most commercial clients don't pay their invoices as soon as you deliver your product or service. Instead, companies ask for 30- to 60-day payment terms.

Is Accounts Receivable Financing Right for Your Business?

Accounts receivable factoring has worked for many small businesses in obtaining their ultimate success. It is a flexible form of short-term, service-based commercial financing....

4 Different Payment Methods for Your Small Business

One method to maximize sales (and success) of your small business is to offer various payment options. By doing this, you are giving your...

Invoicing Doesn’t Have to Be Hard: 8 Tips

Although it may not seem like it now, invoicing doesn’t have to be hard. Understandably, many small business owners have a lot of tasks that...

Online Payment Alternatives to PayPal

People usually choose the most popular brands because they think such a choice will ensure product quality. When it comes to online payments, PayPal...

Virtual Currencies: The Future of Payments

When was the last time you had cash in your wallet? If you're like most people, the answer is you can't even remember having more than a negligible amount in there at any given time.

Tips to Avoid Credit Card Fees

Small businesses rely on credit card sales and payments to grow and move forward; however, many small business owners can feel the weight of high credit card processing fees pushing down on them, especially in lean economic times.

What You Need to Know About Invoice Financing

Banks have been in business for a long time and they have only gotten more powerful as they continue to consolidate their hold on...

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