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See article guidelines below.

Rates for Sponsored Posts

  • Single Post: $150

Volume Packages*

  • 2 posts: $125 per post
  • 3-6 posts: $90 per post
  • 6+ posts: contact us for special pricing

*All discount packages must be prepaid for the total number of posts, but articles in the discount package do not have to be submitted all at once.

Rates for Other Sponsorship Opportunities

Sponsors can choose among three different SmallBizClub social media platforms (Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn). Social media posts include one original post plus two repeats. Posts must be primarily informational, but will include a link to the sponsor’s homepage or landing page of their choice. Sponsors can also choose a one-time insert in the weekly subscriber email newsletter, or to insert a backlink into an existing article on SmallBizClub.

  • Social Media Posts: $80**
  • SmallBizClub Email Newsletter Insert: $50**
  • Further Reading Backlink: $50

**Discount packages available for multiple posts

Sample Social Media:

Who’s more likely 2 want your biz to grow—a new hire or jr worker who already believes in you and wants to succeed? The experts at [Your Link] say promote from w/in for success.

Sample “Further Reading” Backlink:

Click here to read more on [Article Topic]

Article Guidelines

Format: We will only accept articles written as informational content that directly benefits the reader and upholds our editorial standards. Advertorials, or “hard-sell” posts will not be accepted.

Topic: We’ll consider well-written articles on topics with actionable content (nothing superficial or general) that specifically focuses on business ownership or entrepreneurship, geared to an American audience.

Length: Articles should be no longer than 800 words. In the event your article exceeds 1,000 words, we will ask that you edit the content and resubmit it as two separate articles, in which you will be charged for two (2) submissions.

Credit: Submissions must include a short company or author bio with your Twitter handle, website, or other contact info, and a .jpeg logo or author headshot.

Terms Of Use And General Policies Sponsored Content

Sponsored Content

SmallBizClub (“SBC”) will display this disclaimer following all Sponsored Content: ‘This article is written by our Sponsor and not by SBC’s writing staff.’ SmallBizClub may additionally include, in certain areas and platforms, further explanation defining Sponsored Content to SBC readers.

Sponsored Content reflects the views of an advertiser and not of SBC or its editors. SBC will refuse publication of any content that, in its own judgment, would undermine the intellectual integrity, authority, and character of our enterprise, or does not satisfy our editorial mission to our designated audience.

SBC may reject or remove any Sponsored Content at any time that contains false, deceptive, potentially misleading, or illegal content; is inconsistent with or may tend to bring disparagement, harm to reputation, or other damage to SBC’s brand.

SBC may, at the sole discretion of its editors, make minor changes to an article such as correcting typos, editing for space, or title changes.

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