Doing Business in Another State: Foreign Qualification

To be successful and generate a profit in today’s business world, many business owners are finding that it is important to conduct business outside...


What the Color of Your Brand Says About Your Business

Color psychology may not be a topic you have come across much, neither will you have thought about the impact of colors—until now. When...

Combining IN and OUT Marketing Proven the Best Choice

A new study says that neither inbound nor outbound marketing tactics alone are adequate to drive a business. What it takes is a combination...
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What is the Barbell Effect and How Does It Work?

Do you work out with free weights? If you do, where do you grab the barbells? In the middle, right? In business, as in barbells,...

How to Manage and Pay Tipped Employees in Restaurants

In the restaurant industry, tips are more than something you’d associate with a homespun tip jar by the cash register—they’re a primary source of...

6 Reasons You Might Want to Get a Business Loan

The mythical American should be able to start a business purely through a combination of working hard, having the right attitude, and pulling up...

How to Finance Your Franchise

Congratulations! You’ve given it tremendous thought and made the life-changing decision to buy a franchise. You’re excited, but now you need to figure out...