Friday, April 29, 2016


Are You Ready to Podcast?

According to Wikipedia a podcast is a collection of digital media files distributed over the internet using syndication feeds for playback on portable media...

Creating Platform-Specific Content: JustFly’s Guide to Finding Your Audience

Content marketing isn’t about just writing great content and hitting ENTER. With the wave of different platforms that are out there, content needs to...
Holiday Advertising sale


Does Your View of Value Limit You and Your Customers?

Value is one of those $25 words everyone talks about. We all want to talk about our value and value propositions. But we have...

3 Ways to Reduce Cost of Goods Sold

The cost of the materials used to make the product or service you sell directly impacts your profit. This is easy to see, because...

What is the Schedule K-1 Tax Form for Businesses?

According to the U.S. federal tax code, businesses can be arranged as pass-through entities. This designation means that instead of a business being taxed...

Evaluate All Your Products and Services Each Year

“Cut your losses and let your profits run.” ~Proverb Many businesses fall into the trap of assuming that products or services generating great sales revenue are...