Write for Us!

Small Biz Club welcomes you to become part of our expert writing team by submitting articles directly to Small Biz Club or syndicating your existing blog. This is a great way to share your entrepreneurial expertise and insights with fellow small business owners. Follow these guidelines when you submit your articles, and read the FAQs for more specific answers.

Submitting An Article

Address: Submit your completed articles to editor@smallbizclub.com. You will receive an auto-response confirming we have received your submission. Our editors will review your submission, and if you are approved as a guest contributor we will contact you as soon as possible, usually within 10 business days. There is no need to confirm receipt or check for a status update until 10 business days have passed.

Length: Articles should be 500–800 words. If an article goes over 1,000 words, break it up into two separate submissions. Series articles are also acceptable.

Format: All submissions should be written in clear, standard American English. Articles should be written in a conversational, non-technical tone. Use short paragraphs, which are easier to read on a computer screen.

•    Keep sentences short.
•    Bullet points make articles easy to scan.
•    Use bold subheadings for long articles. They break up large expanses of text.

Promotional Links: Articles cannot have advertorial/promo links in the body. However, links may be included in your bio as long as they aren’t written as a call to action (eg. “Jane Smith writes for sites such as abc.com” or “Information credit to abc.com”, NOT “Use abc.com for…” ). Links may be included in the article body if they refer to research, such as a study or a poll) or news, or credit a specific outside article.

Bio: Please include a high-quality, professional headshot and short bio with your Twitter handle and any other contact info. Articles cannot be accepted without a bio and headshot.

Topic: Anything within your expertise or interest that’s entrepreneur-related. Some examples:

How-tos or advice based on your expertise
Tips on running a business based on your own experience
Lessons learned from mistakes you’ve made
Reporting on small business trends and how to leverage each trend in your business

Submitting an Article Already Published or Posted Elsewhere
If you submit an article that has appeared anywhere else on the Internet, you must send us the URL link of the page where it appears. In doing so, you can confirm that you hold all rights to the article and it has not appeared anywhere else except at the link you send. We will credit the original post in an extra line at the end of your article.


Q: Can I republish or reproduce my article after publication on the site?
A:  Yes. If you’ve given us an original article, you may republish it after publication, as long as you credit SmallBizClub.com and provide a backlink to our homepage.

Copyrights: When you submit a guest column, you grant Small Biz Club the right to use that column and redistribute it in RSS feed syndication, in newsletters, in compilations, etc. — provided that we always give you attribution as the author.

Q: What if another publication wants to republish my article?
A: We’re happy to share the wealth. If a magazine or newsletter wishes to reproduce your article and is willing to give attribution to you as the author and to Small Biz Club as the original source of publication, we’re all for it.  Please just give us a heads up by emailing the link where you’ll be reprinted to editor@smallbizclub.com.

Q: What kinds of posts will you not publish?
A:  All content, whether posted directly or via our syndication program, must meet our Terms of Use. In general, that means we won’t publish posts that contain commercial promotions, personal attacks or inappropriate language.

Q: Do you edit posts?
A: We might do some minor editing, such as correcting typos, editing for space, or title changes. In the interest of getting your article published as quickly as possible, we ask that you only submit final, copy edited articles. Any advertising will also be removed.

Q: What if my syndicated blog has a post by a guest author?
A:  If we use one of your posts by a guest author, we will credit your blog in the byline and then your guest writer in the author bio at the end of the article.