Mobile marketing is continuing to become more and more essential for businesses with eCommerce stores. In 2014 more than 19% of eCommerce sales in the US were attributed to mobile devices. This figure continues to rise today. With mobiles and tablets to use for making purchases, people can browse at ease, any time of the day particularly while performing other tasks.

Americans now spend more time with their mobile devices than they do in front of the television. Not surprising that the bulk of the time is spent with mobile apps as opposed to mobile websites. So with this in mind, here are 10 mobile marketing tips to follow that will encourage existing users and attract new users who peruse their mobile devices. Once attracted, they may purchase from your online store.

  1. Above everything else your website MUST be mobile friendly. Mobile marketing strategies start with ease of use in mind. If you want any hope of selling to a customer using a mobile device, this is something you can’t avoid.
  2. Speed up your ecommerce site by removing unnecessary scripts and features. Mobile devices are small and mobile sites should not be over complicated. The quicker your site loads, the more chance you have of capturing a sale. Just a 1 second delay in your website loading can result in a significant drop in sales, by as much as 7%. If your mobile store is slow, don’t expect your customers to hang around!
  3. Customer research is a profitable by-product of mobile marketing strategies. Gather data on customer behavior via your own app. You can try conducting polls and surveys. Encourage participation by offering discounts on purchases or upgrades in existing loyalty programs. With data in hand, you can send personalized SMS messages and newsletters to offer targeted deals.
  4. Use SMS to inform users about the arrival of their ordered or desired products in a retail store close to their location. Get foothold that can lead to in-store purchases.
  5. Use product review videos to inform mobile users visiting your online store. Add emotional appeal to these videos and a call to action embedded in the review.
  6. Create mobile gift guides that offers your audience fresh ideas about the stuff they can purchase for friends and family. Such downloads can be linked to an app installation. Your visitors won’t mind downloading the app because of the value such guides would provide.
  7. Simplify the process of shopping directly via the app. Make the app as user friendly as possible.
  8. Reach out to your customers any time they are in the proximity of a store. This is proximity marketing and can drive mobile customers to retail outlets nearest to them. Dynamic content can be geo-targeted to people who visit your website via apps or mobile browsers. NFC, Bluetooth, and WiFi hotspots are opportunities that businesses can use to push marketing content.
  9. Encourage sales by offering discounts and the first chance at purchasing new products. You could even link these discounts to purchases made solely via the app for a sense of exclusivity.
  10. Use your CRM to manage marketing messages that you send to your mobile-using targets. The key is to making the messages as personalized as possible.

As mobile shopping continues to grow in the marketplace, following these tips to boost your eCommerce sales and get a leg up on the competition.

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