The Factors Behind the SEO Secret Sauce

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the-factors-behind-the-seo-secret-sauceWhen it comes to SEO, it's important to optimize your presence on and off your site. There are a number of things that can influence your ranking. Check out this great infographic from Ben Norman, as he breaks down the best practices behind the Secret Sauce of SEO. Check out the Key Takeaways behind the Secret Sauce
Use Relevant Keywords
Map out the key terms you want to optimize for. Use the relevant terms in the: title head, meta description, heading tag.
Publish Great Content
Companies with blogs get 55% more web traffic. Make sure your content is likable and shareable. People share content they like.
Technology Matters
Use a tool like Moz or Raven Tools to analyze your site performance. Make sure you have an XML sitemap, optimize for robots, have a site with optimal speed.
Social Media is Important
67% of internet users are using social media. Social activity means more folks linking back to your site. When thinking about social, don't forget about Google+.
Checkout the great infographic below for more details.
This article was originally published by DigiShopGirl
Katya Constantine

Katya Constantine is a seasoned marketer with over 10 years of online marketing experience. She has developed a well-credentialed background in marketing for large online brands, having significantly increased online performance at several large web properties. Katya also has a deep background in email and multi-channel marketing. Most recently, she was at Expedia and Amazon, leading projects ranging from behavior-based programs to increasing customer acquisition and conversion with great success. Katya is the founder of DigiShopGirl Media. Currently, she advises several ventures with their online marketing. She also contributes to several blogs and publications and readers worldwide regularly read her blog, DigiShopGirl Media Blog. Follow Katya on Twitter: @digishopgirl


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