Life After the Conversion

With the average conversion rate on the web quoted at around 2–3%, it's obviously an uphill battle just to get a conversion. But should your fight end there?

How Does What Your Customers Read Online Affect What They Purchase?

With so much consumer faith being put into online reviews, it pays to understand how your online reputation affects what—if anything—customers purchase from your company.

How to Account for Gift Certificates in Your eCommerce Store

So you decide you want to issue gift certificates. How does the accounting work for those? It is a little involved, but nothing that is beyond the capability of services like GoDaddy Bookkeeping to handle.

How to Avoid an Inventory Meltdown

The most common cause of inventory management breakdown is a failure to be consistent, timely, and accurate—simpler put, a failure to "keep up with it." Whether you manage your inventory manually or you utilize an automated system, you won't enjoy the desired results of inventory management unless you keep up with the procedure.

Is Your Website’s Payment System Secure Enough?

Keeping a customer's payment information private should be one of the biggest concerns for all business owners. There's nothing worse than a security breach that involves the loss of credit card numbers and other billing information.

Could You Improve Your Ecommerce Site?

Ecommerce sites have grown immensely in popularity over the past few years with companies like eBay and Amazon dominating the field. That being said, many smaller companies that are just starting out tend to fall to the wayside in the shadow of these giants.

TaxJar: Put a Lid on Sales Tax

I am very excited and pleased to introduce the online community to a great new company I've found. TaxJar is an amazing company that has created a tool nearly every online seller—and literally every Amazon FBA seller—can't live without.

How to Deal with Unpleasant Online Customers

The more you sell, the more likely you will have to deal with unpleasant customers along the way. Don't cheat yourself of precious time by arguing with them; just handle it without emotion and as the awesome business owner that you are.

Measuring Your Power in the Internet Marketplace

There are a number of key performance indicators that help new generation company management see more clearly their progress and corporate health. Here are some of these measures, and how to calculate them. You will recognize the value of these for any business, even if they have not been in common use in the past.

The Best Ecommerce Platforms for Startups

If you're planning on launching a new business, having a good online store is essential. To make the best of your business, you need to be up-to-speed with the best of the latest ecommerce platforms, to help make using your website a seamless and user-friendly experience.

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