“You’re Just Getting Started”

Use your own experiences to build upon and benefit others. People want to be around you, be part of your efforts and energy; whether in private business, public service, or charitable work. It will catapult you to even bigger and better things down the road.

8 Ways to Rock Your Business, From the Founder of Rock ‘n’ Roll Fantasy...

You don't have to have an international rock star headlining your idea in order to know if it's worth pursuing, nor do you need a million dollars to make it a success. Through my experiences developing concerts, tours, and Rock 'n' Roll Fantasy Camp, I've discovered that great ideas all share four common characteristics.

How to Choose Your Own Venture

As a professor of social entrepreneurship and an entrepreneur, people often approach me with all their ideas. They get overwhelmed with how to start choosing their first venture (or second, for that matter). Whether you are new to entrepreneurship or starting another venture, you begin the same way.

Personalize Your Branding Strategy

One of the principal shortcomings of businesses is their failure to establish a recognizable brand. The easiest way to remedy this issue is to capture the attention of consumers by distinguishing your business from the competition.

Are You Suffocating from Ambition?

Uncertainty is important, but what it really boils down to is a reduction in the amount of control you feel you need to possess. In other words, if you concentrate on your expertise and the various other things that are crucially important to you (your core values), everything else will come together.

5 Questions to Ask When Choosing a Location for Your Business

When deciding where to locate your startup, there are a number of factors to consider. With no clear right or wrong answer, I've put together a list of questions to ask yourself when choosing a location for your startup.

VIDEO: How to Design Your Brand by Getting Started Today

Branding can be a difficult part of building a new business, since most businesses are focusing on every other aspect of their operations. The important thing to remember is that branding is just as much a foundational element of a new business as gaining new customers.

How to Tame the Piles of Paperwork

One minute the office is tidy, organized, and everything has its place. The next, the paper starts piling up, folders are bursting with documents that you probably don't even need, and the thought of sorting through it is a daunting nightmare.

Favorite Parts of Doing Business: Tales from a Drop-Shipper

Anthony Buonocore is the owner of Westway Electric Supply, a distributor of over 250,000 electrical supplies in a Philadelphia suburb, Upper Darby, Pennsylvania. Tony has had to become a lean, mean, efficient machine and maintain a positive attitude. When this young entrepreneur was asked about his favorite parts of doing business, here is what he had to say.

Entrepreneur Businesses Are Everywhere

When people find out about the work I do helping small businesses, they often say there are just no more opportunities out there. When I hear this, I try very hard not to laugh, but this statement could not be further from the truth.

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