The Top 4 Most Effective Calls to Action on Twitter

It's fun to Tweet but if you want to get results then you need to ask for some action from your viewers and readers. Twitter has run some analytics over 20,000 "Promoted Tweets" that were sampled over a 3 month period.

Hashtag Etiquette for Businesses on Social Media

The use of hashtags on social media has become a common practice not only for regular users but brands as well. Hashtags are great social...

The Perfect Facebook Post

Images on Facebook are the most shared of any media. Creating a perfect Facebook post for images may not be possible, but here are 7 tips to help you move along the spectrum of excellence towards a “God like” Facebook post.

Leveraging Google Maps Marketing for Your Local Business

Google Maps marketing is most commonly viewed from the perspective of the 3-pack listings shown near the top of the search results for localized...

The Latest Local Search Ranking Factors Impacting Your SEO Strategy

Keeping your web presence up-to-date with the latest local search ranking factors can be exhausting effort. The algorithm behind Google local search is continuously...

Why Facebook Unlikes Mean You’re on the Right Track

When I first started my business, I would take anything I could get. I wanted any customers that would work with me, I wanted plenty of speaking opportunities, and I wanted a lot of social media attention.

Social Media and Small Business: What You Need to Know

The time when social media was to be considered as “something for the youngsters” has passed. Today popular social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram,...

Content Marketing Tips: Image Rules for the Top 7 Social Networks

Research shows that images and visuals have huge impact on sharing and even web traffic. If you just look at Facebook. 87% of total interactions (sharing, clicks and comments) can be attributed to just photos.

No One Likes You

Like millions of businesses around the world, at some point in time, you decided to hop on the Facebook train. You created a presence with either enthusiasm or disdain (seems everyone starts at one end of the spectrum or the other) and posted your first update.

Turn That Bad Review Upside-Down

A bad review may mean bad business for your company. The business listings available online are great to gain exposure but they also mean that you're under the scrutiny of your customers.

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