11 Digital Marketing Predictions You Should Ignore for 2018

This time of year, our inboxes are flooded with many prediction posts for the coming year. My inbox is certainly no exception. In fact,...

Why LinkedIn’s Publishing Platform May Surprise You

LinkedIn has been providing a publishing platform for 100 global influencers since 2012, which it expanded to 500 in 2013. They announced in February 2014, that it was opening it up to another 25,000 members and then over the next few months.

What Entrepreneurs Should Avoid Sharing on Their Company Blog

Sharing isn't always caring when it comes to social media. This is something we see every day through lengthy status rants on Facebook, detailed dirty laundry blog posts, and 24 hours of a sick day chronicled entirely on Instagram.

Should You Forget Facebook?

The success of personal Facebook profiles opened up the idea of Facebook for brands. So Facebook "pages" were launched! It was the start of Facebook becoming serious about monetizing its business.

PC Users Click More Email Than Mobile

With so much attention paid to mobile marketing, it's interesting that PC users click more email links than tablet and mobile device users. So says a recent study by MailChimp.

Secrets to a Killer Viral Video

A viral video is one that becomes popular through internet sharing, typically through video sharing websites, social media and email. There is no secret formula to making a video spread like wildfire, but there are ways you can market your video to give it what it needs to go viral, even if some of that is just a little luck.

How to Make Google+ Your Favorite Social Network

If you're in business, Google+ is rapidly developing as the premiere network. But if you aren't using Google+, or aren't logging in regularly, the social network may seem a bit intimidating.

What Does the Facebook Algorithm Change Mean for Your Small Business?

Facebook’s new algorithm will make life harder for many small businesses On January 11th, Facebook announced a change to its news feed algorithm. Over the...

How to Beat the Demand for Longer Blog Content

If your business or organization has a blog, then you’ll want to know what your readers want: LONGER CONTENT! The annual Orbit Media Studios survey of 1055 bloggers...

How to Make Content Marketing Work for Your Small Business

Small business owners know they should be doing something to promote their business online, but what exactly that thing is sometimes seems vague and...

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