10 Simple Tips to Double Your LinkedIn Connections

Sometimes the simplest tactics are forgotten that can make a big difference over time. With the majority of users having less than 500 connections these tips will provide the guidelines to take it beyond the 1,000 barrier.

How to Use Instagram Video in Your Marketing and Branding

We've already looked at ways major corporations are getting good marketing results using Instagram and discussed how you can adapt their strategies to your small business.

Social Media Mistakes That Can Hold Your Business Back

Social media can be a fun method of interacting with friends, family and old school mates, but once you start using social media platforms...

The Importance of Audience Targeting in SEM Strategy

Digital marketers all face a common struggle: managing the plethora of online touchpoints that their customers experience while they interact with a digital brand. Luckily,...

How to Calculate Google Analytics Goal Values

While we might not always realize it, every website has a purpose for existing. Some websites are created to sell products and services, while...

What Story Does Google Tell About You?

For better or worse, we learn who people are, and what they do, by Google results. Because you are not the only one who contributes content to the Internet, you cannot always control the story Google tells about you.

Mobile Website Design: Target Your Least Loyal Customer

Have you noticed all the one-page websites that seem to be taking over the Internet? They have the advantage that they don't require any clicking on the part of the user, which leads to wait times while pages load.

Is It Time to Ditch the Term “Social”?

Is social media social? What at first blush might seem like a highly ironic and utterly absurd question has a surprisingly firm grounding in reality,...

How to Audit Your Client’s Website for SEO

As an SEO consultant, it is your responsibility to grow your client’s website rankings for their targeted keywords on Google. To accomplish this however,...

Forget Link Building: Time to Embrace the Google Knowledge Vault

SEOs and marketers, you better hold on to your keyboards, because Google may be about to fundamentally restructure how its search engine goes about...

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