Online Reviews Influence Buying Decisions

In a customer service study by Dimensional Research, survey participants were asked if they had seen online reviews of customer service. About two-thirds of...

Is It Time to Forget Free Social Media Marketing?

When I joined Facebook and Twitter in 2008 the key attraction was that you could gain attention and market on social media for free. There was little social media advertising available and it was usually not an easy task and not self service.

Don’t Ignore Email Marketing!

The popularity of social media, content and SEO for marketing has led to a strong belief that emails as a marketing tool are dying. But nothing could be further from the truth.

Small Biz Digital Footprint: 4 Insights into Online Marketing Strategies

Success at online marketing requires implementing several key strategies. There is no one secret formula. The digital channels and methods that work with your...

How to Avoid the Unsubscribe Trap

Your email channel is your cheapest channel to communicate with customers. When used correctly, it will be your most efficient communication channel. So how do you avoid the spam trap?

Customized Links: Which Ones Are Best for Your Business?

There are a few options out there for creating customized links, which are normally fantastic for sharing shorter URLs and directing people to where...

State of Mobile Email for SMBs in 2015

Based on the growth in 2014, it was apparent that mobile email would be an even bigger deal in 2015. We haven’t been disappointed...

VIDEO: Taking the Mystery Out of Getting on Google

An important step of marketing your business is to make it easier for people to find your website on Google. But how to do that sometimes seems ridiculously complex. Forget tricks and instead focus on creating the kind of content Google is looking for.

Your Site Might Not Be Optimized for Humans: 7 User-Friendly Tips

Search engine optimization is a topic that comes up repeatedly for businesses of all sizes. For some small businesses, it can even be a make or break factor. Therefore, a topic of this importance deserves more attention than just blindly accepting the trends and buzzwords du jour.

How to Handle a Negative “Troll” on Your Blog

Given enough time, almost every blog will attract trolls, whose only purpose in life seems to be picking fights with anyone and everyone. How do you handle this, especially when a troll threatens the image of your business? Here is what you should do.

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