How to Send Irresistible Emails That Always Get Opened

I think we all agree that our inboxes could use a good cleaning. If it wasn’t for Gmail’s tabs that organized everything, I would...

6 Incredibly Useful Brand Management Strategies

Small businesses are hard to fund and work on, especially if you are a novice. You are about to compete with some marketing giants....

Creating Top of Mind Awareness

As a small business entrepreneur, your goal is always to find more customers. But when you are marketing your company and developing your business’s brand, you can’t just think about the short term and immediate effects; you have to consider the long term, too.

The Marketing Plan: Essential Elements

Have you thought about your marketing plan? To compete in a crowded marketplace, you have to go in with a plan that you’ve thought about and put together carefully and intentionally. No matter what stage your business is at, you should have a plan for your marketing efforts.

3 Ways to Help Customers Remember You

Every company wants customers that return time after time for their products and services. The fact that they do means they are very satisfied with what you have to offer, and it is repeat business you can count on over time. There is no way to force customers to return to you, but there are a few things businesses can do to make customers want to return.

4 Ways to Kick Your Q4 Marketing Plan into High Gear

I'm guessing that for you, the fourth quarter means more activity, anxiety, and income than other times of the year. While you can't bury your head from what is the busiest retail season of the year, you can be smarter about how you market for it.

The Marketing Plan

Marketing your products and services is the lifeblood of a new business. While you can ultimately have all kinds of long term business strategies, without having a steady stream of new revenue your new business venture can close up in a short period of time.

How Can I Get Free Local Publicity for My Business?

You can’t afford a Super Bowl ad for your small business, but that doesn’t mean you’re shut out of the media. You can take advantage of free local publicity to bring in new customers and build a trustworthy brand that people believe in.

How Can You Effectively Market Your Business When You’re in a Competitive Niche?

Knowing how to market your business effectively takes hard work, knowledge and dedication. And even with all of that, there's no guarantee your efforts...

5 Techniques to Hone in on Your Target Market

Finding a target market is not only helpful; it’s a critical part of the process of achieving lift-off for your company. After all, without...

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