Youtility: Smart Marketing About Help Not Hype

Jay Baer's new book, Youtility: Why Smart Marketing Is about Help Not Hype, comes out this week. As one of the marketers who received an advance copy, I want to share some highlights with you, especially because they make so much sense.

Competing for Mindshare or Meaningshare

Mindshare is top of mind (so to speak) in most marketing and sales conversations. How do we capture the hearts, minds and imaginations of customers? It seems, however, we are talking about the wrong thing.

The Marketing Plan

Marketing your products and services is the lifeblood of a new business. While you can ultimately have all kinds of long term business strategies, without having a steady stream of new revenue your new business venture can close up in a short period of time.

Is It Time for a Website Redesign?

In today's marketplace, a company's website is their first impression with prospects. It's a rare purchase today that doesn't begin with some sort of research or due diligence. And as consumers (both B2C and B2B) find themselves more time-starved and more web-savvy, the research tool of choice is often a Google search.

The Top 4 Most Effective Calls to Action on Twitter

It's fun to Tweet but if you want to get results then you need to ask for some action from your viewers and readers. Twitter has run some analytics over 20,000 "Promoted Tweets" that were sampled over a 3 month period.

The Top 5 Social Media Sites for Small Business SEO

With recent advancements in Google's search algorithms, it's no longer a question that social media sites have a profound influence on search engine rankings. Now, the real question is how does social media influence rankings?

What To Do If You Are Rejected by Adsense

My friend Oliver recently launched, a forum for the travel industry. The site is growing very fast with thousands of members joining every month, however, when Oliver recently applied to run Adsense on his site, he was rejected.

Why We All Need Each Other

Have you ever gotten stuck in an endless loop in your own head? The antidote to many productivity death spirals is a brisk walk around the block, or a moment of meditation. When these techniques don't work, I suggest reaching out to a peer mentor.

Go To Vendor Events to Network with Vendors

One of the best direct sales booking ideas is to go to vendor events as a guest and network with the vendors. Not only does this work and work well but it is cheap—a lot cheaper than going to a vendor event as a vendor!

Who Is the Customer?

Clearly identifying the customer is critical in focusing our sales and marketing where we have the greatest insights, where we have the greatest impact, and where we get the greatest return on our investment in time and resources. Doing this focuses us on the customer where we create the greatest value.

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