10 Content Basics to Include on Your Website

Filling your site with content is an important step for your small business. When you're creating content, there are some basics that you want to be sure to cover in order to get the most from your site. Here are 10 content basics that are a must for any small business site.

6 Email Marketing Methods Sure to Lose Customers

The rise of email launched an entirely new branch of marketing possibilities that businesses quickly latched onto as a way to lure new customers and keep in touch with current ones.

How to Get Your Product into Whole Foods

It surely is the Holy Grail for food immpreneurs: getting your products on the shelves of Whole Foods. Here's what Errol Schweizer, executive global grocery coordinator, told us about how to get into Whole Foods—and turn your product into a sensation once it hits the shelves.

Small Business Marketing Budgets

If you're a small business, what's the best way to budget and how much should you spend? If you're like 67% of small businesses you're spending just about $2,000 a year on your marketing—which depending on your industry can be too much or too little.

Forget Mobile First: It’s Bigger Than That

We marketers love buzzwords and phrases. The latest marketing buzz-phrase du jour is "mobile first." As businesses and marketers scramble to come to terms with the rapid pace of mobile adoption (another buzz phrase), everyone is running around like mad declaring the existential necessity of having a mobile first strategy, whatever that means.

Appreciation Marketing; A Strategy Based on Gratitude

Appreciation marketing is based on a simple premise: if your customers know that you appreciate them, they're more likely to keep coming back to you. It's often easier to convince an existing customer to stick with you than to keep going out and finding new prospects.

6 Inadequate Assumptions Most Content Marketers Make Today

Only 36 percent of content marketers feel they use their content effectively. This means the rest of them are not quite so confident that their content is doing what it's supposed to. Why is this? It's likely because most content marketers subscribe to many or all of the below six assumptions.

How to Increase Website Traffic Using Evergreen Content

Think of the word "evergreen" itself. That alone should tell you that the content never gets old, maintaining its beauty and value year round. It's consistently relevant to your target audience.

The Impact of Compassion

Do not underestimate the bottom-line impact of compassion. The ability to show care, empathy, and compassion is a heavy component of trust. The ability is rooted in two long-standing virtues.

Top 5 Forms of Advanced Content Marketing for Lead Generation

Content marketing is a necessity for every company that needs B2B lead generation, although many companies are unsure about how to use it to acquire leads. In reality, B2B content marketing is very simple, but its success hinges on providing a continuous stream of fresh and valuable content that is focused on specific buyers.

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