3 Surprising Interview Questions You Should Ask Every Potential Employee

I became an entrepreneur because I wanted to have an impact in this world: to build something bigger than myself. But to do that, I need a great team to help me make better decisions and see through those blind spots.

How You Can Tackle Workplace Sexism in Your Startup

Tech is very much a boy’s club, and sexism in Silicon Valley is still thriving. How can you be more welcoming, and make your startup part of the solution?

Employees vs. Contractors: What’s the Difference?

Picture this: You’re a successful small business owner with a growing venture. You’ve reached the point where you simply can no longer handle everything...

Job Interview Tips: What Not to Say in a Job Interview

Interviewing is hard. It’s even more difficult when you take into consideration different industry needs and types of questions that can be asked, as well...

4 Major Benefits of Working from Home

The flexibility and freedom of working from home far outweigh any financial benefit, research reveals. In a survey conducted by Reed Commercial, 400 home workers...

5 Ways Hiring an HR Professional Sets You Up for Growth

Employees are the lifeline of any business; we all know that one bad hire can damage your team and your brand. Just after the...

5 Tips for Hiring Top-Notch Creative Freelancers on a Budget

Why outsource? Well, just as you wouldn’t attempt to perform root canal surgery on yourself, you shouldn’t attempt to tackle certain specialist areas in your...

12 Myths about Overtime Exemptions

Under federal law, non-exempt employees are entitled to overtime pay. While exempt employees need not be paid overtime, they must meet very specific salary and duties criteria outlined in the Fair Labor Standard Act (FLSA). Understanding overtime requirements can be challenging and complying with the FLSA requires employees to be properly classified. In this Tip, we provide 12 of the most common myths concerning overtime and exemptions.

How Much Paid Vacation Should I Offer in My Small Business?

Just like everyone should be exercising regularly and eating right, vacation time can be lumped right into these important activities. Employees must take off...

Team Member Competency Is Critical to Your Startup

Most people think that the Peter Principle (employee rises to his level of incompetence) only applies to large organizations. Let me assure you that it is also alive and well within startups.

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