Before Extending a Job Offer, Look at These 5 Traits

When building your team, there is nothing more important than hiring someone who not only is good at what they do but who is...

10 Great Questions to Ask Your Potential Small Biz Employees

Knowing everything you can about a possible new hire is imperative to a company's success. Finding out what kind of employee a person will be in under an hour means you have to ask the right questions. Read on to find ten questions you should consider asking at an interview.

How to Attract Talented Engineers to Your Fledgling Business

Getting a fledgling business off the ground requires capital and talent. Hiring talented engineers to work at a startup can seem next to impossible,...

The Pros and Cons of Hiring Independent Contractors

You are looking for the best employees you can possibly find. For some business owners, using independent contractors is the best option. This guide will help you distinguish between contractors and employees, and break down the pros and cons of independent contractors.

The Continuous Evolution of Performance Management

To maintain a well-functioning, efficient and productive organization, it is essential that we keep up-to-date and mindful of current management trends. Every process and...

The Most Revealing Questions to Ask During an Interview

All entrepreneurs have given soliloquies about how finding great talent is our priority. Yet, we rarely take the time to craft the best recruiting...

What Companies Have the Happiest Employees?

In these days of high-stress job scenarios, happy employees seem to be a rarity. More likely than not, employees are instead wrought with job stress that culminates into feelings of being overworked, underappreciated, or fearful they may lose their employment entirely.

How to Prevent Workplace Bullying

In every office, not everyone will get along. You'll always have employees who will butt heads and supervisors who share their feelings about another supervisor just a little too openly and candidly with subordinates. So at what point does a person cross the line from having a bad day to becoming the workplace bully?

Do Interns Secretly Run the World’s Largest Tech Companies?

In today's booming tech environment, leading innovators recognize interns as the future of their companies. That's why they're willing to pay them premium compensation, offer them extravagant perks, and let them actually get their hands dirty and work.

How to Avoid Social Media Mishaps in the Workplace

It’s early on a Monday morning, but your office is already buzzing. At first, this seems like a good thing—your employees are hitting the...

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