Using Social Media to Recruit

Social media has become an integral part of business; not only is it a place to advertise and from which you can reach and interact with customers, but it is also increasingly a recruitment tool.

Things to Consider About Telecommuting

While there are many potential advantages to telecommuting for your business's employees, there are also many things you need to consider and work out before setting up any arrangements. These include both personal and technical considerations, and will go a long way toward determining whether telecommuting is a good option for your employees.

Pay Hikes, Bonuses, or Added Perks: Which Are Best for Your Business?

Think about merit increases, cost of living increases, bonuses, added time off and other perks, such as health club memberships, when you decide how to reward and motivate your employees and do what is best for your business.

Training is not a Cost

I know people are going to think I have lost it when I say training is not a cost, but let me explain. In my mind, training is a profit generator not a cost producer.

How Your Company Can Compete for Top Talent

You think you know how to get the best people—Or do you? Investing in finding the right employees does actually affect your workforce performance, but do you know which ones to invest in to achieve top performance when competing to find the right employee?

6 Recruitment Trends Every Business Needs to Know About

Earlier this year, we conducted a survey that asked: What is your top 2016 HR priority? Although the sample size was small, there was a clear...

Are You Retaining Your Top Employees?

As a small business owner, one of your main concerns is how to retain your top employees. You've spent months or even years grooming your employees to fulfill their highest potential. Now you can see the risk in having them leave, right when they provide the most value for your business.

Does Your Small Business Need Only College Grads?

Does every small business need college grads? It's a big question, and one that you as an owner or manager have no doubt asked yourself at some point.

5 Red Flags to Look for on an Applicant’s Resume

If you are faced with a large pile of resumes for just a few open positions, it can be overwhelming. In such situations, it...

How Much Should You Pay Your Creative or Tech Professional?

Digital Creative Marketing Professionals are in a class of careers that didn’t really exist a decade ago. Sure, the internet was around, but there...

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