Maternity Leave: How to Best Handle the Employee’s Absence

Maternity leave, which is now often referred to as family or parental leave, is the period of time that an employee takes off after giving birth to or adopting a baby.

6 Ways to Retain Employees and Boost Your Bottom Line

While there is no way to accurately measure the exact financial cost of employee turnover, there is no doubt that it is both time-consuming...

The 4 Step Process for Hiring the Right Employee

Hiring employees is one of the most difficult and expensive aspects of building a business. Therefore, I've created a four step process to help you make sure you're investing in the right talent from the beginning.

Employee or Freelancer: Which Does Your Business Need?

These days, having someone who works for your company in your office is less important than it once was. Instead of bringing the most convenient person to your team, you can focus on bringing the right person on board.

3 Ways to Ace an Interview

After job hunting or seeking a new position, landing an interview can bring a sense of anxiety, rather than relief. “You have to answer questions...

3 Obstacles Recruiters Should Avoid to Attract the Best Talent

Good recruiters define a successful recruitment process as one that brings talent to the table. Great recruiters know how to bring that talent to the...

5 Tips for Giving Constructive Feedback to Your Employees

Many managers cringe at the mention of giving feedback to their employees—most of them are usually trained to lead teams or manage resources, not...

Streamline Your Hiring Process

You know you need to hire someone soon, but are you dreading the long, drawn-out process, the advertising, rounds of interviews, reference checks, and negotiations? You wish you could just skip to the end of it—when they're already working for you and contributing something of value.

Untapped Employee Talents are Buried Business Treasures

When you hire an employee, you focus on the skills which are necessary for that particular job. But that employee may have hidden talents...

Should a Small Business Offer Paid Parental Leave

Despite passing the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) in 1993, which allows employees to take 12 weeks of unpaid leave from their work before returning to their position, the U.S. is the only developed nation not to guarantee their working mothers salary during the time they take off from work after a childbirth.

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