Why You Need Interns, and Why You Should Pay Them

What do Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Ursula Burns, Tony Adams, and Andrea Jung have in common? Believe it or not, they all got their start as interns.

How Employee Leasing Works

When you started up your business, it was probably not because you love running your own human resource department and wanted to deal with hiring and payroll issues. These days, many small companies are using leasing firms to handle many of their staffing issues.

What You Can Learn from the Failures of the Pharaohs

If you want to walk the shortest path to frustration and failure, short-change training. No one in the world today, even the Egyptians themselves, really...

Things to Consider About Telecommuting

While there are many potential advantages to telecommuting for your business's employees, there are also many things you need to consider and work out before setting up any arrangements. These include both personal and technical considerations, and will go a long way toward determining whether telecommuting is a good option for your employees.

Still Doing Annual Performance Reviews? Improve Your Process

One of my first jobs was working as a technical analyst at a large consulting firm. I worked at the end of a row...

Nepotism is Not a Good Policy

Many firms have had success hiring relatives of employees. That said however, I believe not employing family members really is the best policy for so many reasons. Hiring family members is just wrought with difficulty.

How to Train Your First Manager

Training your first employee is hard enough. Training someone with as important responsibilities as your manager is even harder. Get started on the right foot with these training tips.

The Real Cost of Overtime

Whether you pay hourly or by salary, overtime is expensive and often not worth the expense. In most cases your employees should be able to complete their work in the 40 regular hours each week.

What Retirement Plans Can I Choose as a Small Business Owner?

As a self-employed small business owner or independent contractor, you’re likely so focused on the present. Every minute of every day, your mind is...

4 Major Benefits of Working from Home

The flexibility and freedom of working from home far outweigh any financial benefit, research reveals. In a survey conducted by Reed Commercial, 400 home workers...

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