Beware the Manipulative Frame

A frame is the foundation from which everything evolves. Set a frame of kindness, cooperation, win/win and benevolence and a very mutually beneficial result will most likely occur.

The Heroic Event

The small and mid-sized companies I work with consistently deliver on their promises to customers. These promises are important, but they are promises made outside the organization.

Boosting Productivity in Your Small Business

In today's working world, one of the biggest threats to any business is a lack of productivity in employees; no matter how well qualified, or how much experience an employee has, if they're unable to focus on the task at hand, they're going to drag your business down in the long-term.

3 Ways Leaders Can Provide Consistent Motivation

The first step in motivating a faltering individual is identifying the reason for the changed behavior. While it's tempting to attribute the issue to boredom or laziness, there's very likely a more significant problem.

Don’t Overestimate the Knowledge of Your Audience

When making a presentation to a new audience, the smart thing to do, if there is an opportunity, is to ask your audience by show of hands, if they have some knowledge of your industry or space.

New Research on How to Motivate Your Employees

How to motivate employees? According to new research, messages from on high need to be more abstract and less details. And messages from immediate supervisors need to be more concrete. Here's the summary.

How the Best Leaders Set Context

Think back to the most emotional conversation you've had recently at work and at home. Chances are good each resulted from misinterpreted intentions.

Quality and Meaning for People

In the open-talent economy, employees have options, and talent is a scarce resource. Business leaders are thinking like talent economists and sustainability...

How to Be a Great Leader in Just Two Steps

When you start your own business, you have leadership thrust upon you, whether you're ready for it or not, and I've seen plenty of people who have never even led a team, let alone a business, completely transform in taking on that responsibility and rise to the occasion.

The Benefits of a Corporate Activity Day for Your Staff

People often enter team-building activities with feelings of trepidation, suspicion, and nervous intrigue. If you've ever sat in a circle of chairs while sporting an illegible name badge and peered across at a colleague with a droll smile, then you might sympathize with these negative perceptions.

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