Quality and Meaning for People

In the open-talent economy, employees have options, and talent is a scarce resource. Business leaders are thinking like talent economists and sustainability...

How to Be a Great Leader in Just Two Steps

When you start your own business, you have leadership thrust upon you, whether you're ready for it or not, and I've seen plenty of people who have never even led a team, let alone a business, completely transform in taking on that responsibility and rise to the occasion.

The Benefits of a Corporate Activity Day for Your Staff

People often enter team-building activities with feelings of trepidation, suspicion, and nervous intrigue. If you've ever sat in a circle of chairs while sporting an illegible name badge and peered across at a colleague with a droll smile, then you might sympathize with these negative perceptions.

Your Business Could Be Suffering Because You’re a Bad Boss

The high-level of stress entrepreneurs deal with often precludes them from seeing how they interact with their team members. If you're a bad boss, not only do your employees suffer, but so does your business.

“Why Does My Boss Hate Me?”

Just about every company is trying to innovate these days. And change, even if it is designed to bring out the best in an organization can—often inadvertently—bring out the worst in us.

The 3 Struggles of a Professional Who Really Cares

When you honestly care, you're going to face three kinds of obstacles. Press forward. Improve. Press forward. Improve. Don't expect others to carry what is yours to carry. And don't allow others to guilt you into carrying what is theirs.

Top Tips for Productive Delegation

How often do you find yourself complaining about how busy you are? Stop to think about it. Contrary to popular belief, work overload is not necessarily a badge of honor.

Problems with Staff Getting Along

Frequently you have to deal with staff members who do not get along. This is one of those things that is just part of human nature. However, you cannot ignore these problems because they will only get worse with time.

More on Receptivity and Worthiness Issues

We recently looked at why it can be so difficult to receive. When combining the many "scarcity messages" society provides us along with a lack of self-worth the results can be devastating. This to the point of consciously knowing we've earned the right to receive while subconsciously—and unconsciously—not allowing ourselves to do so.

Transactional Managers: Is This Old-School Approach Killing Your Company’s Productivity?

Which type of salesperson is more valuable? The one who follows the rules and accomplishes nothing, or the one who is so efficient and effective that the company can count on her to be successful no matter how long or hard she works?

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