What do Bosses Owe Their Employees?

When I was an Army officer, there were three things that you had to make sure you never screwed up for your soldiers: their pay, their food, and their mail. Why? It was, as they say, the very least you could do for them. As an employer, what do you absolutely have to get right for your people?

Top 10 Trust Inhibitors

Trust. It's becoming a prevailing word in society. We know we need more, but where does one start? One important initial step is to identify some of the inhibitors. Check out this list and consider your team's greatest current challenges. How can you and your company or family break through them?

Money is Not Always the Best Motivator

For so many years, I have talked about the power of incentives to motivate staff—especially monetary ones. However, more and more research is showing incentives do not work in all cases and can sometimes even produce the opposite effect.

Where Do Leaders Come From?

If you want to grow your business, you must grow your people. In the small and mid-sized companies that I work with, there is—not always, but more times than not—a sizable gap between the CEO and his or her direct reports. It's not a skill gap. It's a leadership gap.

Kindness Does Matter in Business

Spontaneous kindness makes such an impact of customers and employees and we just cannot forget about the power of this concept. Another recent research poll showed that the the brand attribute that customers had found important (up by 391% over 3 years) was "kindness and empathy."

Master Your Small Business Team

Who invented the light bulb? If you said Thomas Edison, you'd only be partly correct. Edison never took credit for solely inventing the light bulb. He acknowledged it took a team of diverse talent with a passion for excellence.

5 Conversation Starters (That Aren’t About Sports!)

At best, falling back on sports talk shows your inability to find a topic that is inclusionary and that demonstrates your lack of interest in learning more about others in the group.

3 Reasons Why You Should Support Your Employees’ Hobbies

Some leaders prefer to take a hands-off approach when it comes to their employees' personal lives, but, in fact, getting to know your employees outside of work and taking an active role in supporting their hobbies can benefit your company in several unexpected ways.

10 Tips to Keep Your Team Positive

Your sales and customer service team are the primary customer contact for every business. What does their attitude say about your company? If some of your team are not communicating the message you want, here are 10 questions to ask yourself to ensure they stay positive, focused on message and deliver an exceptional customer service experience.

Critical Qualities of a Top Manager

In business we are only as successful as the people we hire. And while our front-line employees are critical to our business, choosing the right managers can have significant impact on our success.

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