Emotional Intelligence and Positive Company Culture

Logic and the ability to think critically have long been qualities highly-revered and required in most businesses. Someone who can find a solution to...

What do Bosses Owe Their Employees?

When I was an Army officer, there were three things that you had to make sure you never screwed up for your soldiers: their pay, their food, and their mail. Why? It was, as they say, the very least you could do for them. As an employer, what do you absolutely have to get right for your people?

How to Show Team Appreciation During the Holidays

The holidays are quickly approaching, and your small business needs to be ready. This is a busy time of year for almost everyone, so...

5 Things You Can Do to Become a Better Manager in the Modern Age

Management isn’t easy, especially in today’s changing world. It seems that as time goes on, the job becomes more challenging, with new technologies and...

People Quit Their Managers, Not Their Jobs

Manager (noun): The person with the arcane power of either making a perceived "boring" job fun and fulfilling, or making a great job seem miserable and hollow.

A Simple Test: Are We Managing Like Jerks?

Are we who issue orders to associates or employees ever acting as jerks? We’d never like to think so, or we wouldn’t do it...

3 Ways to Keep Your Best Talent for the Long Haul

When trying to get a startup off the ground, so much time and effort goes into developing the product and reaching the customer that...

Is There a Recipe for Creating Trust?

We talk about the idea of creating trust every week with our clients. At my agency, MMG, we call this equation basic marketing math: Know + Like + Trust = Sales.

5 Ways Managers Should Support Their Employees

It’s essential that staff receive support or they can’t do their job properly. Support isn’t limited to merely work-related aspects of the job but...

Cancelling One on Ones

As a company grows one on ones are critical. Show me a manager who doesn't schedule regular one on one's with her direct reports and I'll show you a bad manager.

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