5 Key Ingredients of Courageous Leaders

Courageous leaders are inspirational. That isn't their ambition. It's simply a positive by-product of their character and powerful work ethic. By following the example a good leader sets, others can also achieve the same results.

Motivate Contribution

There are plenty of people who want to make a difference, but haven't put their vision into action. Contribution is tied to action. You have to actually do something to get anything done.

Find the Cause of the Problem Before Trying to Fix It

So often, managers and business owners assume they know how to solve every problem simply because they have had many years of experience. However, experience often leads to decisions that worked in the past, and past decisions are not always applicable in the current environment.

8 Features of a Healthy Virtual Culture

Being surrounded by an entire team that doesn't feel like they work for you can be a ridiculous blessing. But is there a magic formula that makes work feel like joy, happiness and fun all rolled into a single cupcake you can munch on all day long? You bet there is. It's culture talking. And walking.

5 Expectations Your Team Has for You as a Leader

Leaders help to create powerful, cohesive teams that enable organizations to achieve their targets. Part of being a great leader is understanding what the members of your team expect from you. You can use that knowledge to become a better leader and make them an even stronger team that can achieve anything.

Listening Builds Trust

Listening is a fundamental skill of genuine success, and it's hard to be great or trusted without it. The benefits of listening include more trust, better understanding, stronger marriages, happier kids, and increased respect at work. Still, being a good listener is hard work!

Challenge Your Staff for Greater Productivity

I think one of the most common mistakes managers make is not challenging their staff. Managers spend so much time with their workers that they tend to become complacent and fail to provide challenges, which are so critical to helping their staff grow.

Go Green with Your Startup

More and more companies are pledging to promote a green culture or an eco-friendly environment in their workplaces and reduce their carbon footprint in the years to come. While this is especially common in large companies, it might seem like a nice idea that is out of reach for a smaller business.

Why You’re Probably Not Achieving Your Goals

So you've been trying to grow your business and now you're frustrated. Really frustrated. You want customers and clients, but so far, things aren't happening—at least not the way you'd like. Want to know why?

Leaders Are Readers

Leadership expert John C. Maxwell says, "Not all readers are leaders, but all leaders are readers." Read everywhere you can. This means on the bus, while waiting in line, or any time that you get a few minutes.

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