My CPA Should Have Told Me That!

CPA's provide a valuable service. However, you can't expect them to read your mind, tell you what is wrong with your business, or give you opinions about your business. Some are great business consultants along with their tax knowledge.

R is for Recapture

R is for recapture. Recapture is a term that comes into play in a variety of circumstances, but it means the taxpayer is picking up income or tax, which is always a bad thing. Recapture is most commonly applied to depreciation.

5 Tips to Survive a Small Business Audit

Small businesses are more likely to get selected for an IRS audit, because many of them are unfamiliar with business tax rules and often conduct transactions in cash, which leaves more room for errors.

Mixing Business Trips with Vacation

If you thought your business trips can be expensive, you need to think again. If you plan and strategize, the government can subsidize your trip so that your trip expenses are minimal. The idea is to combine your business travel with vacation time and document the time spent on business.

Watch Out for Indirect Tax Audit Triggers

Your odds of facing an indirect tax audit are actually higher than the odds of IRS small business tax audits. That's because while the IRS audits 2–12% of the tax returns filed with the agency every year, some states audit up to 20% of the business sales tax reports filed each year.

Do You Owe the IRS a Quarterly Tax Payment August 15?

This weekend, more than a few small business owners will be scrambling to pull together the documents and information they need to meet the IRS deadline that's coming up in just six days. Yes, there's a tax deadline for quarterly taxes due to most states and the IRS on August 15.

Convention Tax Rebate 101

Acquiring knowledge, having fun, and benefiting your business in a single business trip is ideal. Having your travel expenses eligible for tax deduction? That's even better. If you attend conferences and conventions for your business, the government offers income tax deductions on the expenses that were incurred during the trip.

Is Your Small Business Getting Taxed by High Costs?

As a small business owner, would you like to be certain that at the very least you are not paying more tax than necessary, and that you're making all the tax savings you can? Read on for top tips on how to lower your small business taxes for the next tax season.

5 Tax Deductions Small Businesses Shouldn’t Fear Taking

Every tax-filing season, most Americans go on a quest to find as many tax deductions as possible. At the same time, many small business owners and independent contractors leave money on the table because they fear that certain tax deductions will draw the attention of auditors.

Readers Ask: Overhead vs. Cash?

The bottom of your P&L shows profit—not cash. Remember that profits are not cash. Only the interest payment for loans is covered in overhead. There are also some non-cash expenses such as depreciation in overhead.

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