5 Payroll Tax Mistakes to Avoid

If you have at least one employee, you are responsible for payroll taxes. These include withholding federal (and, where appropriate, state) income taxes and FICA tax from employees' wages as well as paying the employer share of FICA tax and federal and state unemployment taxes.

5 End-of-Year Tax Tips to Cut Your Taxes Before 2015

With Thanksgiving and the holiday season upon us, it's easy to get caught up in buying turkeys and finding stocking stuffers for the grandkids. However, it's also a great time to start thinking about reducing your taxes and planning for April 15th.

How to Help Your Small Business Survive a Tax Audit

If your small business is selected to undergo a tax audit, there are certain steps you can take to ensure that the outcome for your business is positive.

Top Tax Write-Offs That Could Get You in Trouble with the IRS

From travel expenses to paying wages to family members, there's no limit to what people will try to write off at tax time for the sake of their business. But where do you draw the line? Which write-offs you're trying to write off go too far?

6 Things You Can Do This Fall to Prepare for the 2015 Tax Season

Fall has finally arrived. Believe it or not, this means the 2015 tax season is only about 3 months away. Because filing your taxes with the IRS is probably not your most favorite activity, there are some steps you can take this fall to prepare for a stress-free filing season early next year:

5 Tips on Managing Your Income as a Freelancer

Freelancers come in all shapes, sizes, and industries. Earning income as a freelancer can be a little scary and challenging at times. So here are 5 quick tips on managing your income as a freelancer:

Good Accounting Habits for Small Business Owners

The biggest headache for small business owners is getting and staying organized. If running your own business sucks up your day, being successful is going to be that much harder for you.

Income vs. Profit vs. Revenue

Motivated entrepreneurs dream of dollar signs—bright, S-shaped figures that shimmer and represent the true reward of starting a venture and reaping the financial benefits of the hard work that goes into it.

Good Accounting is so Important

Great accounting is so important for each and every business, but too many are lacking in this area. Most use standard income statements and balance sheets, but there is so much more information business owners need that is not available in these basic financial statements.

Spot Quiz: What Percent of Small Business Owners Manage Cash Flow?

I'll tell you what taught me to watch cash flow, always, and very carefully: the lack of it. It wasn't two years at business school; it was a growth spurt (sales doubled) that sucked up all the cash and left me looking for a second and third mortgage to keep the business going. That's something you don't forget.

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